Workforce Development for Kai Resort Thailand

  • Project Highlights

    • Client: Kai Resort Thailand

    • Project duration: May 2016 - Aug 2016

    • Project category: Strategic Planning

    Project Overview

    Human resources are always the most important part of any business. The same is with tourism. Every tourism business needs skilled, professional tourism experts on all tourism service levels. We started to work on this project in May 2016 and finished it in August.

    The service ConsultingPress provided was workforce analysis, where we analysed workforce available, their skills and knowledge as the need for additional education and training.

    ConsultingPress connected Kai Resort with educational center to provide high quality tourism training and education on all levels.

    By the end of the project, Kai Resort increased number of visitors by 35%.


    • Connecting to educational centers to provide high quality tourism training and education on all levels.

    • Tourism Management Training

    • New tourism strategy for increasing number of visitors and quality of service they receive

    • New marketing and branding strategy creation and implementation


    • Increase in number of daily visitors by 35%

    • New sustainable tourism strategy implementation lead to greater awareness of local cultural heritage

    • Enhanced the skills of tourism service staff

    • Built greater awareness of Kai Resort as tourism destination