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Complete Branding & Marketing for Galeo Tours, Mallorca

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Branding & Marketing for SpaClass Aqua Resort Italy

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Tourism Marketing

Tourism marketing is every important in tourism development. By tourism marketing we think of attracting travellers and promoting tourism destinations by creating successful tourism brand.

Tourism marketing involves wide range of marketing activities, like destination branding, social media marketing and destination marketing.

ConsultingPress will provide the tools and methodologies for successful destination branding and marketing.

Activities and results:

  • Branding

    Building a strong and memorable brand is of vital importance for any marketing project. We will create complete corporate identity that will be unique, memorable and positive.

  • Social media marketing

    Social media has great role in lives of both young and older people and is great way of communicating and marketing. We will market your destination with great videos, photography and professional social adds across all social networks.

  • Destination marketing

    We will connect you with travel agencies and their experts that will be one of the key holders of direct destination marketing. We will define trips and tours for your visitors in coordination with our travel experts to get the best results for you and your visitors.

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