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Tourism Training and Education

Implementation of Visitor Information Services, Phuket

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Tourism plan, development and marketing for Island of Mauritius

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Tourism Training and Education

We’ll provide you the tools for sustainable tourism implementation and management. By tools we consider high quality tourism training and education programs that will help in developing and strengthening skills of your tourism experts.

Tourism training and education is very important as the whole tourism business greatly depends on people. Tourism development helps in creating job opportunities and professional development.

ConsultingPress experts will provide quality training and education programs for your current and future employees.

Activities and results:

  • Destination Management Training

    Our experts will guide you through process of destination assessment and management and teach you principles of successful destination management.

  • Sustainability Training

    Understanding principles of sustainable tourism is very important for tourism development and management. ConsultingPress experts will provide extensive training on sustainable tourism development and management.

  • Information Center Management

    Information center management is a great way of providing valuable information to your visitors but also a great way of connecting local tourism business owners. ConsultingPress will provide services of information center development and management.

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